Who you are

Your true Self is an awareness that is present when everything else has been removed, stripped away or shed like old skin. Getting to know this part is the act of falling more deeply into who you are – behind the mask of ego, beneath the thousands of ways in which you cover up your real nature.

The true Self does not care much for stories. It does not do restriction or rules, and it never conforms to what is safe or expected. It is uncivilised like air, or sun, or green shoots breaking through soil.

The Soul’s Journey is the path of becoming more yourself than you ever were: you listen to and act from intuition; you seem to care less what others think about you; and, though you may fear taking risks and making mistakes, you somehow find the courage to do it anyway.

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  1. Thanks for your beautiful comment, Cathy. We love this work and love sharing it with all the fabulous, curious and magical people who find themselves drawn to it… Vic xx

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