Your Soul’s Work

After practicing homeopathy for the last ten years, I feel it’s time to be honest with myself about where my passion lies and the path my life is taking.

That path has lead me to the Soul’s Journey healing process – something I’ve developed that’s completely new. It draws on many of my skills as a homeopath, and I prescribe remedies as part of the process, but it’s not homeopathy. Nor is it kinesiology, although this is part of the picture too.

The Soul’s Journey is broader than this. It’s about healing through personal and spiritual development, and deepening your awareness of your soul’s purpose in life. This is healing as a path to connecting with your true Self – who you are in essence, and the goals and dreams that reflect that in your day-to-day life.

As part of the healing journey, we look with clients at the kinds of things – symptoms, core beliefs, patterns and frustrations – that hold them back and prevent them expressing their true Self unconditionally.

It’s about uncovering your passion – your soul’s work – and exploring that path wherever it leads.