After watching all the way to Series 3 of Chef’s Table, I’m starting to notice a pattern emerging: the young apprentice, keen to make it to the top of his profession, learns his trade from the master. Then, one day the master takes him aside:

“You know, your food is great, you understand flavour and process, and you certainly have the skills. But cooking this food… my food… well, you’re never going to be as good as me.”

The apprentice is devastated. He’s put in the hours, hasn’t seen his family for weeks, and suddenly the world has been pulled from under his feet. The experience forces him to look more deeply into himself than he ever has before. He begins to question his motivations, and as he does so, he realises the master is right. “All I wanted was to cook like him,” he says to himself, “but I’m not him… I’m me.”

This feels like that age-old initiation into a world only we can inhabit – the place where we recognise ourselves beneath the glamour and noise and bright lights. It’s the start of an epic journey – our first conscious steps on OUR path – where we step out from the shadow of other people’s expectations and into our light.

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