Unfurl into life…

Ferns unfurling

Everywhere I walk at the moment, I see a bracken version of our Soul’s Journey logo reflected back at me.

It’s like having an ever-present natural reminder of my work and purpose in life… a gentle nudge, just to keep me on track!

The symbol of the spiral means a lot to us in our Soul’s Journey work. It represents our spiritual development – constant change with a movement which is forwards and yet looping round to repeatedly return to familiar personal themes – each time with increasing recognition (or an ‘oh no, not this again’!) and a newness, each time a slightly different ‘flavour’ that is seen with wiser eyes and with deeper self-knowledge and awareness.

For me, in this season of green and growth, this spiral also speaks of an unfurling, loosening and opening into life.

What does the spiral say to you?

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