Stepping out of the story

We are alive. We have consciousness and a body. We have a personality that thinks, feels and acts as ME here in this physical world. We know who we are: we have a family, a history, all kinds of dreams and plans for our future. We may not know where we’ll be in ten years time, but we have a fair idea of the next few.

From these simple building blocks, and from the largely invisible forces of conditioning that act on us, we construct a reality which seems more or less unshakeable. Life is a story, and we have read these pages a thousand times before.

Then, suddenly and without clear warning, there is pain. Perhaps there is also a sensation that comes with pain – squeezing, constricting, throbbing, shooting. In this pain and this sensation – and in the empty space of WHAT WE DO NOT KNOW – there is an opportunity to step out of the story and see things as they really are; to witness ourselves and our suffering in a new light, and to understand implicitly the ALL which is our true nature.

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