Arriving on a granite moor top in the haze… I set to work on releasing the bonds that tie me – spiritual, mental, emotional, physical.

Something changes quite suddenly and I drop deeper into myself. My awareness shifts, expanding out across hills, our Earth, the Universe and All That Is. Then, for one timeless moment, I know, beyond any doubt, that “I am all this… and this is all me”.

Unnerved by the change in energy, the dog lets off a couple of warning barks and slides in close behind my legs for protection.

I step out onto springy peat and feel the Earth rise up beneath me. I sense the countless ancient feet of my many lives walking as one – one single, still point in time with the Earth turning herself beneath my steps. I seem now to be walking in power, in the knowledge of who I am, supported by all that have gone before me, expanding into my true nature.

In recent weeks, the theme of containment has been running through my Soul’s Journey process. In kinesiology sessions, I’ve witnessed ancient bonds that contain my power and true sense of Self, and have started to release them. The deeper spiritual meaning of the homeopathic remedy I’ve just taken – Nepenthes distillatoria, the Pitcher Plant – has become clearer. The plant traps and contains insects to their death, and as a remedy it brings me a sense of release and expansion into life.

In that one moment, looking out over the wide open moor, I complete another healing step and move still closer to my true self.

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