About Us

About Us

The Soul’s Journey has grown from Christopher’s own spiritual experience and practice. Over time, he has taken his understanding of the path and insights into the nature of reality, and developed the Soul’s Journey Map and Process we now use with our clients.

We have both worked with the Soul’s Journey Process in our practice for a number of years:

  • Vic is able to weave the Soul’s Journey Map into her Creative Kinesiology practice as one of a wide range of healing tools and techniques she uses with clients
  • Christopher draws on his experience as a homeopath, prescribing from the Soul’s Journey Map and its remedy frequencies, and offers healing and spiritual mentoring throughout each stage of the path

Recently, we have begun delivering workshops and other events which introduce the themes of the Soul’s Journey and its potential for personal transformation.

Christopher Stephen James
BA (Hons), MA, DSH, RSHom

I first became interested in the spiritual path while studying comparative religion at university. I quickly realised that at the heart of all great spiritual traditions is the same path – the road that leads us to know ourselves for who we are – infinite consciousness and awareness.

I have studied with many spiritual teachers, including Sri Kaleshwar in India, and have devoted my work as a healer to helping people realise the divine spark within themselves.

I have more than ten years experience as a homeopath and am a registered member of the Society of Homeopaths. Though I no longer practice classical homeopathy, my homoeopathic understanding directs and inspires my work with the Soul’s Journey.

My philosophy

For me, healing is a deeply personal and transformative journey: dynamic, flowing and full of energy. As a healer, my work places people in direct contact with their higher self and its wisdom, and with those substances in nature that speak to them and their experience of illness or suffering.

I believe true healing can only arise when we look at the whole picture: not simply mind, body and emotions, but soul; not just symptoms but the deeper causes of illness or imbalance.

Vic Jenkins

Over the years, I’ve studied energy work, bodywork and homeopathy, but with Creative Kinesiology I found my true home as a practitioner. Its blend of energy work, deep listening and holding, and exploration of self deeply resonate with my way of being in the world, my intuitive sense of people’s energy and story, and my innate ability to hold a safe space for others’ healing.

I began my studies with the School of Creative Kinesiology in 2013, finishing my professional training course in 2015 and reaching Registered Practitioner status in 2018.

Introducing the Soul’s Journey Process to my practice has brought a fantastic depth to sessions with clients. It is a wonderful tool for exploring and meeting their spiritual needs, helping us consider their ‘story’ and current challenges from the broader context of their life’s path.

Vic is a Register Practitioner with the Creative Kinesiology Association: why not take a look at her practitioner profile to find out more about her work with this therapy. She has practitioner insurance through Balens Limited.