These words are not true

Photo by Hush Naidoo on Unsplash

These words are not TRUE. If what I say resonates, it is only because it touches a truth within you… something beyond facts and anything you have been told… beyond words, or even thoughts.

If it does not speak to this deeper part of you, let it pass on. The journey of this life – and all lifetimes – is to embrace what we already know – intuitively, as if it were written in the heart.

When we approach truth in this way, we almost always find ourselves along the path.

Explore the journey with us…

14th October, 7pm to 9pm, The Soul’s Journey: An Introduction

Stepping out of the story

We are alive. We have consciousness and a body. We have a personality that thinks, feels and acts as ME here in this physical world. We know who we are: we have a family, a history, all kinds of dreams and plans for our future. We may not know where we’ll be in ten years time, but we have a fair idea of the next few.

From these simple building blocks, and from the largely invisible forces of conditioning that act on us, we construct a reality which seems more or less unshakeable. Life is a story, and we have read these pages a thousand times before.

Then, suddenly and without clear warning, there is pain. Perhaps there is also a sensation that comes with pain – squeezing, constricting, throbbing, shooting. In this pain and this sensation – and in the empty space of WHAT WE DO NOT KNOW – there is an opportunity to step out of the story and see things as they really are; to witness ourselves and our suffering in a new light, and to understand implicitly the ALL which is our true nature.


After watching all the way to Series 3 of Chef’s Table, I’m starting to notice a pattern emerging: the young apprentice, keen to make it to the top of his profession, learns his trade from the master. Then, one day the master takes him aside:

“You know, your food is great, you understand flavour and process, and you certainly have the skills. But cooking this food… my food… well, you’re never going to be as good as me.”

The apprentice is devastated. He’s put in the hours, hasn’t seen his family for weeks, and suddenly the world has been pulled from under his feet. The experience forces him to look more deeply into himself than he ever has before. He begins to question his motivations, and as he does so, he realises the master is right. “All I wanted was to cook like him,” he says to himself, “but I’m not him… I’m me.”

This feels like that age-old initiation into a world only we can inhabit – the place where we recognise ourselves beneath the glamour and noise and bright lights. It’s the start of an epic journey – our first conscious steps on OUR path – where we step out from the shadow of other people’s expectations and into our light.

Your Soul’s Work

After practicing homeopathy for the last ten years, I feel it’s time to be honest with myself about where my passion lies and the path my life is taking.

That path has lead me to the Soul’s Journey healing process – something I’ve developed that’s completely new. It draws on many of my skills as a homeopath, and I prescribe remedies as part of the process, but it’s not homeopathy. Nor is it kinesiology, although this is part of the picture too.

The Soul’s Journey is broader than this. It’s about healing through personal and spiritual development, and deepening your awareness of your soul’s purpose in life. This is healing as a path to connecting with your true Self – who you are in essence, and the goals and dreams that reflect that in your day-to-day life.

As part of the healing journey, we look with clients at the kinds of things – symptoms, core beliefs, patterns and frustrations – that hold them back and prevent them expressing their true Self unconditionally.

It’s about uncovering your passion – your soul’s work – and exploring that path wherever it leads.

What is there

Perfection is not a standard or an ideal, not something we can reach out and grasp. It is a jewel inside us, deeply hidden, whose light shows itself only when the energy needed to avoid it is spent.

When this happens – when the world fails us and when we fail ourselves, when exhaustion and disillusion lead us to question everything we thought we knew – then, if we are lucky, we may just fall more fully into ourselves.

There is nothing we can know that we don’t already know, nothing we can be that we are not. This kind of perfection is happening all the time, right under our noses. If we could recognise it for what it is, there is no doubt we would see our light more clearly than ever before.